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Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
climate clock, a big machine with a big agenda. >> this is the perfect combination of art, science, technology, and it's also a commentary on climate change. this is the maiden voyage of the mini climate clock. the goal, says the artist, is to create a 75-foot tall version, giving san jose a new interactive landmark. >> it's also a beautiful thing. the town clock in prague. it's something people will want to go into. >> reporter: the process includes steel, aluminum, bronze and electric motors. it was a design competition asking artists to create a model functional. this took first place. the big version could cost up to $20 million to complete. >> we're interested in finding partners involved in issues of solving climate change, companies that do scientific measurements. >> raising money and awareness click by click. scott budman, nbc, bay area news. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. we have the flashlights ready to go. the sandbags ready to go. we are brave. >> bring in the patio furniture. not everyone is going to get flooding rains and winds. he'll highlight u who could have the
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
degrees in science and math from american schools to get green cards. it's a move that got a lot of backing from the tech industry and aat least in the house fairly bipartisan support. but it comes with controversy even among democrats because the new plan would eliminate an earlier plan that gave green cards to other groups, including immigrants from africa. you can expect this battle to last a while. now, it's not as big, but another big solar company is going under after taking out loans. twin creek technologies headquartered in san jose is liquidating, also bad news for the state of mississippi which gave twin creeks $26 million in loans. twin creeks like other solar companies says it felt the pressure of competition from cheaper solar panels made in china. yahoo! meanwhile having trouble in mexico. a mexican court today ordered the sunnyvale company to pay $2.7 billion to a pair of companiy ies in a contract disp over a listing service. yahoo! called the claims without merit. we'll keep you posted. we've got positive news and update to all the shopping stories we've done lately
Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
christianson who taught political science at san jose state for 40 years and has literally written textbooks on local government. he said california might actually get away with the land grab. >> historically, it has always been recognized that the states are superior in authority to local government. so this i think would be the state's argument on the retro activity issue. we're the boss. we can do this. >> reporter: unless the property under review fits one of three criteria. the land was transferred before january 1, 2011. was contractually committed to a third party before the law was signed. or programs more pertinently, qualifies as having a clear government purpose. what exactly is a clear government purpose? according to hd palmer of the department of finance, it is defined by state law in broad terms as, quote, assets such as roads, school buildings, parks, police, fire stations, libraries, and local agency administrative buildings. omitted in that list. no mention of convention centers or theme parks. >> you cannot justify this. some thing are right and some are wrong an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3